Success Story

Strengthening Families Program

By Miriam Rodriguez and Carlos Reyes

The Strengthening Families Program is a fourteen-week evidenced-based enrichment program that aims at improving parenting skills, family life skills, and children’s social skills. The program is available to families inclusive of parents and children ages 6-17. Each session is an hour and a half long. Classes are offered in both English and Spanish. SFP touches on a variety of topics such as: learning positive interactions, how to manage common child behavior problems, effective communication skills, effective discipline, and overall improving parents/child relationships.

Strengthening Families Program is proud to present the latest graduating classes that completed the program in May 2017. There were a total of 23 English-speaking parents, and 31 Spanish-speaking parents with a total of 84 children serviced!

Success Story “Although our family did not want to attend the class at the beginning, towards the end we liked it. We met people and we learned a lot, not only from the instructor, but also from
listening to the other parents, and their different situations.” -Parent

Success Story“I have changed by the ways I approach situations and
always trying to be as clear as possible with [my daughter]. She is a lot more calm and has a lot more patience as well. Always thanking her for certain behaviors or explain-ing certain problems to her as detailed as I can makes her act different.” – Parent