Shared Governance / Advocacy & Partnership

Community Action Partnership of Madera County (CAPMC) was created in 1965 by the County of Madera Board of Supervisors to administer programs authorized by the federal government under the Equal Opportunity Act of 1964.

The Board of Supervisors has designated the governance and fiduciary responsibility to a 15 member tripartite Board of Directors. The foresight of the Board of Supervisors allows the Agency to be designated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation and to be a public green Community Action Program.

The tripartite Board was established to allow residents to make decisions affecting the community in which they live and work. The Board’s configuration consists of five elected public officials, five members from the private sector (either business representation, community organization, or Head Start seats), and five members from the low-income target areas of the community.

The Board’s main focus is to ensure CAPMC provides services for the community that encompass its values and ethics. The uniqueness of the tripartite board is that it provides the opportunity for low-income residents to be active participants in forming solutions for poverty while working closely with local public officials and the private sector. Together, these diverse segments of the community provide a range of perspectives to address the local needs of individuals and families who live in poverty.

Members of the community are the Agency’s stakeholders. The Board of Directors acts as an ambassador to the community, and provides leadership, governance, and stewardship to the Agency, a multi-million dollar corporation.

Meet our Board of Directors

Public Officials

Miguel Gonzalez, Department of Social Services
David Hernandez, Madera Unified School District
Robert Poythress, Madera County Board of Supervisors & Fiscal Management/Accounting
Cece Foley Gallegos, Madera City Council
Dennis Haworth, City of Chowchilla – Chairperson

Private Sector

Dennis Smith, Madera Chamber of Commerce – Vice Chairperson
Maria Barajas, Policy Council for Regional Head Start
Donald Holley, Community Affairs Expertise
Eric LiCalsi, Attorney – Criminal Defense and Labor Law
Kathy Lopes, Early Childhood Education and Development

Target Areas

Cynthia Russell, Central Madera/Alpha
Tyson Pogue, Eastern Madera County
Ruth Carral, Eastside/Parksdale – Secretary/Treasurer
Griselda A. Martinez, Fairmead/Chowchilla
Ana Mendoza, Monroe/Washington

The Board of Directors meets on the second Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm in the CAPMC Conference Room. For details on the upcoming Board of Directors’ meeting, please Click Here.

The archived Board meetings, and associated documents are provided to the general public as a courtesy and do not represent the official record of Community Action Partnership of Madera County, Inc. Please contact the Office of Administration for the official record.

CAPMC Board of Directors’ Agenda: July 13, 2017

CAPMC Board of Directors’ Minutes: June 08, 2017

Past CAPMC Board of Directors’ Meetings: