Child Advocacy Center

CAPMC is one of various agencies in Madera County that collectively make the Child Forensic Interview Team (acronym CFIT). The CFIT works together to investigate and provide support for cases involving children who are alleged victims of child abuse. The Madera County Child Advocacy Center (CAC), house and operated by CAPMC, is an accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance. The CFIT exists to reduce the ongoing trauma for children who are alleged victims of sexual abuse by providing evidence based best practices outlined in the National Children’s Alliance standards for child advocacy centers with accredited membership. The CFIT consists of Madera County Sheriff’s Office, Madera Police Department, Chowchilla Police Department, Madera County Probation, Department of Social Services, Public Health, Behavioral Health Services, District Attorney’s Office, and CAPMC – Victim Services and Child Advocacy Center. The Madera County CFIT Steering Committee reviews and approves the CFIT Guidelines. Our established CFIT Guidelines are to ensure cooperative and coordinated efforts between all of our team members. The goals of the CFIT are to reduce the number of interviews to which the child is subjected to, minimize the number of persons who interview the child, improve the quality and quantity of information obtained in the interview, shorten the time period between investigation and legal disposition of child sexual abuse cases, and provide immediate intervention for the purpose of protection, support services, and referrals for the child and family.


All team members who are part of the CFIT work together to investigate and provide support for cases involving children who are alleged victims of child abuse. Last year the Madera County CAC interviewed 110 children who were alleged victims of child abuse. When a child forensic interview occurs, all team members involved in the case attend the CAC to view the interview and are available to the family should they have any questions. Not only is it helpful for CAC clients to have the entire team together in one place and at one time, but it is equally useful to the team as it gives the opportunity to discuss cases with one another or obtain necessary pending information from each other. Children who are interviewed are provided information, support, advocacy, follow-up services, ongoing counseling services, accompaniment to forensic exams, and referrals to services that will promote healing for the child and family. Such services are provided from first contact to case closure allowing continuity of care. This commitment and dedication from the entire team directly results in higher quality services for children and families. As a collective CFIT, we understand that we are fortunate to have such a unique team that is wholeheartedly committed and invested in our mission and the completion of our goals. It is not uncommon for children and caregivers to share positive comments about their time at the CAC, not because of the nature or purpose of their visit, but because of the warm, nurturing, and safe environment the team establishes and maintains.





HUD CoC NOFO Summary and Technical Assistance Workshop

Funding Opportunity for Homeless Service Providers: HUD CoC NOFO Technical Assistance Workshop and Local Competition Materials

On Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 the Fresno Madera Continuum of Care (CoC) held an informational Technical Assistance (TA) Workshop for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) CoC Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). This Workshop provided attendees with an overview of the local application process, as well as instructions for completing the national project applications.

The materials from the TA Workshop, including the local competition materials and scoring tools are available here.

  • Renewal Project Applicants:please utilize guidance contained in the federal TA Handbook on page 27 to begin your project applications in e-snaps. Renewal project applications are due in e-snaps on Tuesday, September 28, by 12pm PST.
  • New Project Applicants:please begin your new project applications for the local competition in PRESTO and for the federal application in e-snaps. New project applications are due in both PRESTO and e-snaps on Tuesday, September 28, by 12pm PST.
  • To obtain a PRESTO account and further instructions to apply for a new project, please fill out this contact formas soon as possible. PRESTO account login information and new project local competition instructions will be sent in response to the contact form submission. All applicants are strongly encouraged to access PRESTO and e-snaps as soon as possible.

If you have a specialized need and would like to receive this information or any of the TA Workshop materials in another format, please contact


Spotlight on Sierra Vista

The center provides services to 92 children from 0-5 years of age. The center is overseen by Lina Bojorquez, Center Director and is supported by 3 Advocates – Maria Castillo, Geidy Mendoza, and Erika Ventura. There are 23 staff members that provide age appropriate educational activities to promote school readiness. Lina and her team provide educational learning environments not only for children but also for parents and families. Staff take pride in holding child and parent activities throughout the season to ensure parents and children are always engaged in learning. All staff members are committed to providing quality services to children and families as many of them are former Migrant Head Start parents. The program supports parents to establish goals for their family and continue their professional growth and continue to be role models for their children. Migrant Head Start school readiness success is evident as former students are now college graduates who are returning to serve their communities.


Maritza Gomez

Fresno Head Start Federal review

Fresno Migrant Seasonal Head Start staff along with grantee staff did an excellent job sharing program procedures, protocols, and quality of services that are provided to children and families in all the communities served. Information shared allowed the Office of Head Start to understand the progress towards program goal attainment, School Readiness for children 0-5, and moving toward quality outcomes for families and children. Thank you to all Fresno MSHS staff for all the great work and commitment to excellence!

Maritza Gomez

Community Action Plan Reiew

Community Action Partnership of Madera County, Inc is commencing its 30-day review of its 2022-2023 Community Action Plan. Review period begins May 28, 2021 and ends June 28, 2021.
To request a copy please contact Ana Ibañez at 559-675-5747 or at
Comments may be submitted in the following ways:
In writing to between May 28,2021 to June 28, 2021. Please reference Community Action Plan Comments in the subject area of your email.
In person or via webex at the Board of Directors meeting at 5:30pm on June 10, 2021 at Community Action Partnership of Madera County 1225 Gill Avenue, Madera, CA
In person, at 5:30 at the June 28, 2021 Board of Directors or Executive Committee Public Hearing at Community Action Partnership of Madera County, Inc.
Please RSVP with Ana Ibañez at 559-675-5747 or by email at for either meeting to receive WebEx link.

Economic Payments For the Homeless

Economic Payment for Homeless Flyer





Economic Payment for Homeless Flyer





  • Americans experiencing homelessness may still qualify for Economic Impact Payments and other tax benefits, but the #IRS needs information from people who don’t usually file a tax return. Help spread the word: #COVIDreliefIRS
  • People don’t need a permanent address or a bank account to get Economic Impact Payments and other tax benefits, but the #IRS needs information from people who don’t usually file a tax return. Help spread the word: #COVIDreliefIRS
  • Americans experiencing homelessness have free options to claim the 3rd Economic Impact Payments and the Recovery Rebate Credit, if they don’t normally file taxes with #IRS and haven’t received any payments yet: #COVIDreliefIRS
  • No bank account? People experiencing homelessness can still get Economic Impact Payments and other tax benefits. See tips from #IRS on using prepaid cards or opening low- or no-cost accounts at #COVIDreliefIRS
  • Those experiencing homelessness can get Economic Impact Payments and other tax benefits. #IRS recognizes there are unique challenges in these circumstances, but one way is using a #IRSFreeFile from smartphone or computer.