Homeless Engagement for Living Program (HELP) Center

Addressing Homelessness in Madera County

The Homeless Engagement for Living Program (H.E.L.P. Center) is composed of homeless outreach workers, housing case workers, and a housing coordinator that will assist those experiencing homelessness in Madera County. The outreach team will be the first point of contact to assess needs, obtain information and to review the release of information with the client to share information with stakeholders and maintain confidentiality rights. The HELP Center will provide a systems approach to coordination and include all the Fresno Madera Continuum of Care providers and resources. It will offer a client-centered procedure and choice and use the Housing First approach to prevent screening people out even though there may be multiple barriers and challenges to obtaining or maintaining housing.

The services that are offered by the HELP Center staff include core components of Coordinated Entry. These include access, assessment, prioritization, referral, and housing placement. HELP center staff aid and support homeless households without regard to income, sobriety, criminal records, or mental health. HELP Center collaborates with local agencies for referrals to families and individuals. Madera County stakeholders utilize the HELP Center to submit referrals for outreach and case management services.

In addition to assisting or supporting homeless individuals as they transition from homelessness into housing, the HELP Center will provide services such as: assistance with securing mental health and medical appointments, assist with obtaining legal documents (i.e., social security cards, identification cards, and birth certificates), assistance with enrolling in educational or work programs, and other services depending on the needs of the individual or household.

Madera County Gap Analysis

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