Underserved Victims Immigration Assistance

The Underserved Program serves the Hispanic community, targeting low-income farmworkers, monolingual Spanish-speakers, and indigenous immigrants who have been victims of crime in Madera County.  Farm workers, monolingual Spanish-speakers, and indigenous immigrant populations in Madera County are under-represented when it comes to accessing services.   This is due to many barriers that these populations face including language, understanding of social services and other programs, and a fear of law enforcement and other public agencies.  The Victim Services Center at Community Action Partnership of Madera County works with individuals in the targeted populations to navigate through the criminal justice system and support them in enforcing their victim’s rights.  Victim Services Center helps them break down barriers and access services including:

  • crisis intervention
  • victim compensation program
  • accompaniment to law enforcement interviews
  • counseling services
  • court support/criminal justice orientation
  • transportation
  • restraining order assistance
  • legal immigration services including U-Visa Certification