Parent Involvement and Parent Survey – Program Self-Evaluation

The CDSS – Child Care and Development Division (CCDD) mandates that CAPMC APP/R&R conducts annual Desired Results for Children and Families – Parent Survey. These surveys serve to gather feedback on past experiences with APP/R&R, the quality of information provided by the program, and the overall benefits to families. Parental input is essential to improving the services offered.

Additionally, CAPMC APP/R&R is required to analyze the findings from Compliance Reviews and other self-assessments activities to identify areas for improvement. Upon identification, a list of tasks must be created promptly. Procedures for ongoing program monitoring that meet the standards will be continued, while any areas requiring modifications will be addressed promptly and effectively.

CAPMC APP/R&R is expected to submit a summary of their self-evaluation findings to CDSS by June 1st each year. Furthermore, necessary adjustments to the program must be made based on the identified areas for improvement.

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