Policy Committee Agendas and Minutes for 2019-2020

The archived Madera Migrant Head Start agendas, minutes, and associated documents are provided to the general public as a courtesy and do not represent the official record of Community Action Partnership of Madera County, Inc. Below you will find the Agendas and Minutes for the year 2019-2020.


MEETING DATE English Spanish
April 2019 MHS 4/12/19 MHS 4/12/19
May 2019 MHS 5/12/19 MHS 5/12/19
June 2019 MHS 6/12/19 MHS 6/12/19
July 2019 MHS 7/10/19 MHS 7/10/19
August 2019 MHS 8/7/19 MHS 8/7/19